Having been a valued customer of ours for a few years now we were delighted when we were given the opportunity to supply Artex with 4 new Turboroll high speed doors.

The scope of the project was to reduce heat loss in the main picking area which meant installing secondary steel work behind 2 existing doors to create airlocks and also installing steelwork to a tunnel area to create an airlock from the warehouse to the picking area.

Usually this would be a straightforward project but the need to sync the doors to an existing traffic light system that we installed for Artex in the past made it a lot more complicated as there is integration with doors, pedestrians and forklifts. The final part of the jigsaw was to provide a door that would allow an escape route if someone was trapped in the tunnel, this was achieved by installing a Turboroll 25 with counterbalance and powered brake. This would allow anyone within the tunnel to get out in the event of a power failure.