A selection of insulated doors are available from the EASTERN DOORS range.

From conventional sectional overhead doors, to folding insulated doors, insulated high speed fold-up, sliding chiller and freezer and hinged chiller and freezer doors.
The high speed fold-up – Turbofold – is covered in the high speed door section.

Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors Insulated overhead door

These type of doors are generally used on industrial units, loading bays and warehouses. They offer a good insulation value, security and ease of operation, with minimum maintenance.

Finishes and Styles

Most doors can be obtained in Plasisol or pre-painted steel in a wide range of colours.

Track arrangements are usually adapted to suit the building construction and vary from standard lift, high lift, vertical lift and if headroom is limited, low lift.
Smaller doors can be operated by hand, larger ones by hand chain or electric operation.

Insulated Folding Doors

We have numerous applications where it is not the best solution to use a sectional overhead door:-

  • There may be limited headroom. Low buildings.
  • Height may restrict a sectional overhead for access. Vehicle repair bay for lorries
  • Automation, where quick exit may be needed. – Fire station

Insulated folding doors offer an alternative to resolve many issues.

We have a customer who had had a sectional overhead door where cables coming off and other maintenance was costly.

He changed to folding doors and has not had a call out for repairs in 10 years. The doors have self-lubricating hinges so no maintenance is required. The extra initial cost has been justified and he now has four very large folding doors.

Because of the lightweight and easy operation no power operation was required.

Vauxhall dealer had a row of 8 doors, all side by side and with limited height. The roof of the building was not load-bearing. With restricted side room, the three-leaf folding door gave an improved looking building, easy door operation by hand, with enough room to allow door leaves to fold to each side of each opening.

London Fire and Rescue had to replace wooden manual doors on a number of fire stations in the capital. Doors have to be of a similar design to the existing wooden ones to comply with planning regulations as many were on listed buildings. Because of the speed of reaction to call-outs, many times the bottom panel of sectional overhead doors had been damaged by a vehicle leaving before the door was fully open. Stations were left unmanned when there was a call-out, so having a security problem. By fitting automatic doors which closed three minutes after the engines had left, security was maintained at each fire station.