Security Shutters

As well as industrial shutters, EASTERN Doors also have a range of security shutters which offer a lower cost alternative for protecting windows and small doors, garage doors, security doors with low traffic volume up to larger openings where doors are only used occasionally and food preparation areas where a clean finish is required.

The nylon brush which is fitted inside the aluminium guide sections, is in contact with both sides of the shutter lath, so reducing the noise to a minimum and which also means it requires no lubrication.

Shutter Lath is available in single skin aluminium, double extrusion, sections infilled with resin or foam.
Range of colours for powdercoat finish or normal anodised aluminium finish.


With a powdercoat paint finish to all exposed parts of the door, these are ideal for openings in food production areas which are only open/closed a few times each day. The single phase tube motor makes light work of opening the shutters and allow the use of a low cost security door in clean areas.


When two sections of a driving range at Woodhall Spa Golf Club needed to be closed down securely each evening, the security Woodhall01shutter option was a lower cost alternative which offered a woodgrain finish in brown to match the timber building construction, leaving a finish which blended in with the surrounding trees and grassed area. Openings up to 5500 mm wide.


Vandals were a costant nuisance, breaking windows, for our customer in Nottinghamshire.
To offer protection from this, we recommended window shutters and small personnel door shutters, all electrically operated. These can be linked to a single switch to open/close or to individual rocker switches. This gives security as well as protection against vandals breaking the windows.


For loading bay doorways which are not in constant hourly use, these can be an ideal low cost alternative to conventional sectional doors or roller shutters, giving easier operation, insulation if required and a much quieter operation.


Ideal protection against prying eyes viewing your office equipment, can be fitted inside or outside the building. For shop windows, the lath can be as desccribed above or perforated or slotted lath can be used. This allows customers to see into the shop, but gives added security against attempted break-ins.


NEW for 2010 is the folding grill which can mount inside the shop/office window giving added security but still allowing full light penetration.


For those who want an unobtrusive protection to their office or shop window, the perforated protection can resolve planning issues.