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and now added to the range are internal doors for general purpose use in a range of colours and finishes to enhance the appearance of the building and give a long a trouble-free life.

Steel Hinged doors can be made in a range of colours and finishes.
Primer grey, powdercoat paint or two coat polyester onto Aluzinc base material.
Stainless steel finish can be provided.
Marine grade powdercoat paint finish for coastal applications.

A selection of hardware is available to suit most applications.
Sashlocks, turns, handles, deadlocks, panic bars, push pads, toilet locks with indicators, selectors, closers.

Doors available as single leaf or double leaf come with fully adjustable frame to suit your opening construction. Where required overpanels, fixed, removable or hinged for higher openings.

Vision Options

Vision panels can be incorporated in doors, subject to regulations and certification required on fire or security.
This can give added safety to doors which are used for entry or exit of personnel and can be provided in a range of styles.

Need More Technical Information?

There are various types of steel hinged door.
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