LED traffic lights

RED/GREEN, low voltage, low initial cost and cheap to run. Built initially, for trade supply only, we are now offering these direct to the trade and to end users. Quantity discounts apply.

The popular LTL18 is still available. This can be supplied with a cowl (recommended) for external use, or stand alone if used internally with high speed doors.

At £105 each for the standalone light system it is one of the lowest priced units on the market. 24v AC/DC means in most cases it can be wired directly into your door control or dock leveller panel.
The mounting box is IP66 as supplied and the light cluster of 18 Red LEDs and 18 Green LEDs offer a light output which far exceeds most of our competitors traffic lights.

The new LTL18_E has been engineered to offer a far more user friendly approach by including 3 metres of pre-wired cable and incorporating the cowl and fixing bracket to give a quick, simple fit to any loading bay or door operation. IP66 rated, the units are currently being offered at the same price as the earlier models.

AND NOW > > > the LTL18 EHV, the latest addition to our range of traffic lights.

The same benefits that we gave you with the LTL18 E systems, but now in a 240V supply format, to enable quick and easy changing of existing 240v systems. Still to IP66, but at low price of £150. Unit comes complete with thermal overload and transformer incorporated within the unit.

Light output is by using the same number of LEDs in each cluster of RED and Green. Fixing method remains as the LTL18_E above.

LTL18-E Details


Our range includes conventional moulded rubber bumpers, PE faced bumpers, moving rubber bumpers and the NEW Green PE Bumper. (reduces your carbon footprint by using recycled materials and offer 4 times the life of conventional bumpers).


Powder coat yellow steel slider construction, mounted onto the face of the loading dock. The PE block is dropped into the side guides – no springs or gas struts – gravity only.
When worn or damaged, lift out the block, turn it round, and start using it again. When this has been done twice, lift out the block, turn it around and use the back of the block twice, as you have the front. Then trade in for new blocks and we will recycle the old material.


adjustable in 360 degrees, pre-wired and complete with connection box. Available in stainless steel, galvanised or yellow painted steel finish.
LED Model now available to the same design as the conventional dock light but using LED lamp head.


The simple, yet effective way to ensure the vehicle dock central of each bay, instead of damaging your building. In yellow paint finish or galvanised.