HIGH SPEED DOOR – Turborollâ„¢ ‘E’

Introduced and site tested late 2009, used extensively on UK sites and became our success story of 2010 with a number of repeat orders.
Simplicity, low cost and virtually maintenance free, the doors have become an addition to many food preparation areas where it was necessary to provide a clean, visually attractive product which became part of the production facility ensuring product arrived and left the area with no hold-ups and helped to retain temperatures, cleanliness and yet was a door with low running costs.

The door is very basic, has top seal instead of canopy, although a canopy is available. The soft bottom edge gives a floor seal and the curtain, set inside the guides, gives a relatively good side seal.

Door construction is galvanised guide angle sections, polyethylene guides, powder coat painted exposed steel. Curtain fabric is washable.

There are a limited number of options available including fabric colours, vision, food grade motors, stainless steel construction, but generally for increased specifications we would recommend moving on to the Turboroll PL7 or Turboroll ‘B’ which allow more options.

Doors can be supplied with wireless safety edge and one photocell, or alterantively two photocells. For smaller doors no safety edge is required.

Turboroll PL7



Clean room, pharmaceutical, food preparation areas, supermarket, small openings clean engineering or production areas.

Additional horizontal stiffeners to combat pressure from air conditioning or wind.

Can be supplied with or without windows

Galvanised, painted or stainless steel frame construction with Polyethylene side guides.

Sloping canopy and motor cover.

Range of sensors, including touchless, radar, radio, loop, pull cord, push button.


3 Phase 415v 16A supply from isolator adjacent.


Range of colours for both curtain and frame.

Twin photocell safety protection or one photocell with wireless safety edge.

Low initial cost – Minimal maintenance

Can be used in conjunction with secondary door to give an airlock or interlock application.

Turboroll PSE-M

Intended use: Indoor and outdoor installation, fully automatic high speed door for high operations in low to medium wind load applications – WITHOUT Wind Bars

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