DS800 High Speed Roller Door

The DS800/DS850 High Speed Roller doors for freezer applications  introduced by Eastern Doors in 2011 to enable us to offer a competitively priced door for low temperature applications.

Our door was selected from an overseas supplier who has developed the door over the past five years and whose market has been in Africa, South America, most of Europe and Scandinavia.

High maintenance costs, poor service and initial purchase prices being extremely high, along with high running costs have been reported from customer using competitor products in the UK.

Our criteria therefore was to find a lower cost door, which still offered quality engineering, could offer competitive pricing, minimal maintenance and would be less expensive to run than our competitors.

Save cool cash in your cold store

Loss of cold is loss of money. So it will be easier to stay within budget when our DS800 thermo door is installed in your cold store. The idea behind this door is quite simple: It is about combining high speed with high insulating power.

Our DS800 door will keep your loss of cold air to a minimum and will reduce ”open-time” appreciably. In comparison with known insulated doors, calculations show that several hundred hours of “open doors” may be saved on an annual basis.

This door has been built for use in cold stores with a lot of daily traffic.This may, for instance, be the case in freezer stores in the food industry. The specially developed door leaf will provide effective insulation, and will keep the cold inside. The DS800 is made in heavy stainless steel, providing, in addition to an easy-to-clean surface, max. strength to resist the impact and shocks which always occur on a busy working day.

Simplified Engineering

The door design came from the manufacturers normal doors used extensively worldwide for workshops, warehouses, supermarkets etc.  A new fabric was developed specifically for low temperature applications. Heaters were strategically placed in the door construction so that frost build-up could not occur.

The knockout system was incorporated so that in the event of contact with the door, the curtain would be knocked out and could be reinserted, usually by the customers own engineers, using the minimum of tools.

Because of the moisture and humidity, stainless steel was chosen as the preferred construction material for the guides, barrel, endplates and canopy. This gives longer working life and requires no maintenance and it was thought the extra cost of the material was a worthwhile addition.

Their existing control system was tried and tested and so was incorporated into the design of the freezer door. This gives advice on any problems with the door, giving a digital display of where faults occur, so that repairing is simplified.

The DS800 is made in heavy stainless steel, providing, in addition to an easy-to-clean surface, max. strength to resist the impact and shocks which always occur on a busy day of work.
DS800 is available in max. size of 4 x 3.5 m.

DS850 for larger openings, available up to 4 x 5.5 m.


Simplicity is the key word

All Eastern doors are high quality designs with a minimum of wearing parts. The DS800 is no exception. It has been made so to withstand collisions and will not cause unnecessary stop-downs. For one thing, a collision causing the door leaf to be pushed out of the track may be fixed extremely fast and without using any tools.

Everything under control

The DS800 is supplied with the are own control system. Any faults and break-downs may generally be handled by your own staff, by giving EASTERN Doors a call. The fault indicator will issue a clear message as to where the fault is.


We do, of course, believe fully in our products. Therefore, the DS800 is protected by a number of patents, particularly on the door fabric and the special sealing system ensuring that cold and warm air will not meet and generate condensation. The door fabric is 43 mm thick, and has built-in stabilization. This offers extremely good insulation, as well as excellent wind resistance.

Technical Information

Technical data: DS800 is available in max. size of 4 x 3.5 m.
DS850 is an alternative, available to 4 x 5.5 m.
Door leaf: The door leaf is made in 43 mm insulated fabric.
Min. insulation is 21 mm in joints.
Flashing: 1 mm steel
Frame legs: 2 mm stainless AISI 304 steel.
Optionally, frame legs are available
in galvanised steel
Opening speed: Variable 0.6 – 2.0 m/sec.
Ex works set at 1.6 m/sec.
Closing speed: Variable
Motor: 230 V, 1.5 Kw
Optional equipment: At extra cost, DS 800 is available with:
• Pull switch
• Radar
• Radio control
• Photo cell control
• Induction loop