Because most external doorways are larger than internal ones, it is important to ensure that the wind factor is taken into consideration.

Most roller doors have not been designed for external use. By fitting additional “wind bars” the surface area of the curtain is reduced and so the chances of blowing out are reduced.
However, it must be noted that the excessive wind pressure on the wind bars can put additional loadings on the motor and gearbox when the doors are in use and so reduce their life expectancy accordingly.

TURBOFOLD High Speed Door range

One way of avoiding the use of such “wind bar” systems is to select the door type which was specifically designed for external use.The Turbofold range by Eastern Doors is such a model. The principal being that the door curtain folds to the top, rather than rolling. This allows in-built horizontal tubes which act as good protection against strong wind forces, but also allow the curtain to be designed on a modular basis, so reducing repair costs for damaged curtains.

Modular Design

The horizontal tubes are a GRP pultrusion, keyed to allow the curtain sections to slide into grooves top and bottom, so facilitating quick and easy replacement of sections of modular curtain.

The GRP tubes also allow the curtain to be collected by belts on the inside, and using a folding motion, stacked at the top of the opening.

The spacing of the horizontal tubes, increases the effective protection against high winds to smaller segments and also allows the use of insulated curtains for areas where temperature control is paramount.

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The standard Turbofold T30 is suitable for openings up to 30 square metres in size. For openings from 30 square metre up to 50 square metre the Model T50 is recommended and for openings larger than this, the model T90 would be recommended.

All models are free standing, but on larger wider doorways it is recomended that additional steelwork be provided at the head to reduce windloadings on fixings



Over 100 of this type of Fold-up door are in use at Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK sites at Burnaston and North Wales. They have been the preferred door type for over 20 years and most openings are at least 6000 mm wide with some at 8000 mm.

Many doors at Bakkavor sites around the UK have the fold-up type door and over 100 were installed nationwide over the past 20 years.
They have been used on fire stations at airports, incorporated with crane tracks on the end of buildings and used on sites in extreme weather conditions.

Chiller Applications

The Fold-up door lends itself to chill store applications where many have been fitted to replace – or instead of – slab sliding doors.

The advantage is that the additional insulation in the curtain helps to control the temperature in the store when the door is closed and the fast operation reduces temperature losses when the door is in use.

Several potato stores have been fitted with this door type and well as food chill store areas where high traffic flow gives

problems in maintaining constant temperatures in the area.