Installing insulated sectional overhead doors for Bakkavor (Spalding)

Working alongside Bakkavor for many years we were asked to quote to replace 4no existing loading bays which were beyond repair. This project required removal of 4 doors, frames, dock levellers and then installation of 4 new insulated sectional overhead doors including frames and 4no dock levellers. Usually this would be a straightforward project but we had to work with 2 bays at a time allowing full production to carry on as normal. This was achieved through creating a temporary wall at the back of the loading docks to maintain a clean area and retain the loading dock chilled temperature.

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Loading bay installation project for World Wide Fruit (Spalding)

Recent installation of 2no new loading bays, including Combination inflatable dock seals, 6 ton dock levellers, Insulated loading doors, wheel guides, dock lights and LED traffic lights. Installation carried out in 1 week on site to meet project deadline for clients schedule.    

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